Outside General Counsel Services

Our General Counsel services are a cost-effective, alternative for a business that needs the services of a general counsel but for various reasons cannot make the investment required for a high-quality, full-time, in-house general counsel. Our General Counsel services solves this dilemma by providing the client with an experienced general counsel who becomes a member of your management team but only for the time needed and at fees you can afford.

In this role we:

Develop a deep understanding of the client's business and strategic objectives;

- Establish relationships with company executives;
- Work with those executives to develop and implement legal strategies consistent with their vision for the business;
- Develop multi-disciplinary attorney teams to meet, as needed, with business executives to ensure legal strategies are supporting business objectives.
- Counsel on ways to reduce the risk and cost of litigation;
- Retain and supervise outside counsel for litigation matters;
- Identify legal trends and issues that may impact our client's business and work with them to develop solutions;
- Help control outside legal costs through supervision of matters, monitoring of time and costs, and negotiation of rates;
- Assist with employee benefit plans; and
- Provide personal planning strategies, both tax and non-tax, to the principals and executives.

We are dedicated to adding value to our client's business. Belson Karsch's goal is to provide legal advice through the years, not just the next transaction.